Monday, 1 August 2011

What is the future of the teacher?

The other day, I was reading on the newspapers about a robot that was teaching on the classroom. Most of the students were happy to have this teacher helping them in different subjects. The robot was controlled at distance by a person, who already had the lesson plan and all the activities in advance. So, the robot was more realistic and could interact with the students.

For me, this is was a really interesting news, and it made me think about the future of the teacher. I know that in order to solve a need of the society, teachers (people) won't disappear.

But I was imagining the future, how will be the teacher of the future. And with so many technologies, gadgets, internet and all ... which will be the kind of teachers who will exist in ten or twenty years more? But the thing that worries me the most... is the fact that having so many tools to study and learn new things... the role of the teacher, probably won't have the same importance than years ago.

In order words, if I have all the chances to do all by myself... do I really need a teacher? Probably yes, to tell me what to do, how to do it, when to do, and the reason why I must do it. But I have the feeling that teachers will become just another tool in the process of learning, and they won't have the relevance that they must have.

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