Saturday, 6 October 2012

Students were working on Facebook

Last month was a nice month for Chilean people, because we celebrate our national day on 18th, but actually, we celebrate the whole month... eating.
Anyway, the time went fast, now it is October which means that there are 2 month left to end the year.
So, it has been so busy in these days.

Well, the last thing I have done with my students, was using facebook to give them the chance to write in English. I set 6 topics, and they had to choose 4 of them, and leave some comments with their opinions. You can check their comments on my facebook page.
It is the first time I use the social network, and I think it was interesting for them too.
If you have more ideas about how to use facebook, or even experiences related with this topic, then you can leave your comments.
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