Thursday, 4 August 2011

why do I hate some teachers?

To clarify, I am not talking about my coworkers, which I really respect and value a lot (I have learnt a lot from them during all these years), I am not talking about my own teachers, because I am here due to their help and support when I was a student.

I am talking about those teachers who are supposed to be our leaders, and instead of showing us "the way", they just really lost their own way.

Since too many days, strikes and protests have moved the foundation of our education in Chile. And I agree that we have to fight to get a better education, and the rights of the teachers, and all of that. It is just. for me, and talking with a really personal view, ... for me it is really enough.

It is impossible that after a long time, there is no solution to the problem of the quality in education. I feel it is so much absurd, that the leaders of the teachers continue calling for more strikes and protests, and when they are not allowed, they say that they will use the law to fight against that ban. Isn't it so stupid? (Sorry, my foul language). It is just... I really think it is so stupid to continue wanting more and more strikes and protests that just bring destruction and a huge loss, instead of just gathering for two or three days, to really talk with the government and finding a real and final solution.

It is so unbelievable that those teachers call for more protests, and they say they won't be responsible if there are "infiltrates" that are destroying all, even knowing that protests will just bring more loss. What kind of teachers are those?

I feel that we, as teachers, have a huge responsibility in wanting a better education, but we can't commit the sin of teaching about respect to our students, when we don't respect others.

I'm sorry to say, but I feel that some teachers really need more education.


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