Sunday, 25 March 2012

Problems of Internet

Internet seems to be a key to help the students in their process of learning. Nothing to say against that. But something that seems to be so easy and at the reach of everybody, it can be totally different.
I use internet a lot, and if I can be connected the whole day, I would do it. Of course, I can't (and I don't have to).
But, that is easy for me, and I consider myself as a modern teacher, because I try to use all the technology at my hand.
Although, for me it is part of my day, most of my students don't have internet. Some still don't have a computer.
It is hard to help them in this way. As a teachers we know how much we can get from internet. There are millions of pages with great information, with excellent content, and tones of activities. But it is all useless if my students can have the chance to see that.
I would say that every school has a computer lab. But the time you can use it, is really few, and let's be honest, if the students have the chance to use their computers at school or at their houses, they will use facebook or other social network pages to check.

I think there must be a change in someway. But it must come from the students. I mean to say, they must see that internet is not just a great place to have fun, but also, an excellent place to gather information and learn.
I hope someday, the students will see internet as the best tool they can have nowadays to improve and learn new things. Meanwhile, teachers must do their best to connect students with this technology.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Edmodo, a network for teachers and students

Last year, I have found this amazing page called .  I just started using it with my students this year, and I have found this page really great for the communication with my students.
Before, I used to use blogs to upload information, material, etc. But it took so long and I didn't have time to do it.
Edmodo is a really useful page to interact, to upload, to receive information, comments and works. It has different applications and menus. You will really like it.

I leave a video I have found on youtube about this page with ideas.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Meeting a new group

Every year, I must face a new group of students who start a new year in my school. It is a challenge for me, because it is not just about planning, but also to work with people who are expecting the best of me.
A new school year has began, and I am getting ready for it.
When you happen to meet a new group of students, then you must consider some relevant points.
  1. Know their names. At first it is hard but try to learn their names by heart. The fastest you do, the more amazed they will be. They will feel they are important because you really want to know who they are.
  2. Promote the use of their names, and don't encourage the use of nicknames.
  3. Learn where they live, where they studied, about their families, all about their backgrounds.
  4. Be polite and always talk with respect. Never treat them as they are friends. Treat them as they are so important people. They will do the same on you.
  5. Admit your mistakes, and admit that you don't know everything. Don't lie when you don't know something. They will appreciate that you are sincere.
  6. Be fast and do things in advance. They will notice that you take things seriously, and they will see you as a good professional.
  7. When you meet their parents, be kind and show them that you are a person in which they can trust.
  8. Let the students feel that they are your allies. That they are important because they have the right to give opinions and take decisions.
  9. Don't change the rules of the schools because you feel they are so strict. If you do so, you lack of integrity.
  10. Be always you. Don't pretend to someone you are not. If you are easygoing, don't pretend to be a strict teacher. You are you, but if you are easy going, it doesn't mean you will allow everything. I am not talking about rules, I am talking about your personality.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

No more resting, let's work again

Summer vacation ended up :( and we have to continue working. A new school year starts, and I hope all teachers can do their best to give all they have for the students.
And for this year, I have great expections. I am already thinking how this year will be.
So I have a list of things I want to do on 2012.
I must improve my methodology or work, I have find more and new ways to teach and help my students to learn in a way that it will be significant for them.
I want to improve the way I evaluate, so it will represent what students really know and can do.
I want to give more time to share with them, to learn from them. I want to know what they know, but at the same time, how much they know, where they learnt, how they learnt, and how much they love what they learn.
I love my job, but at the same time, I want time for myself, to improve as a person, to have time to learn, to share, to give.
I want to give the best of me for this year.
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