Monday, 8 August 2011

A classroom idea: "Tip Resumen" (How to end the class!)

One of my weaknesses is the ending of the class. How to end the class? Because most of the times, students are just ready to go running out of the classroom, even 5 minutes in advance.

I tried different things, talking with them, summarizing the main points, but it seems that all I can do, it really won't work.

So, I have planned a different idea.

I have already mentioned the concept of working in teams with contest activities to participate and getting points. Well, another way to get points is by doing the "Tip Resumen" or "Summary Tip".

About 5 minutes before the ending of the class, I present one slide in power point with my projector. That slide is called "Tip Resumen" and I present on it a summary of the class, or part of the content that we will see within the unit, or just grammatical content. The students will write the tip in special papers that will be stored in folders. So after writing the tip on the paper and putting it on the folder, I will give an extra point, and I will keep the folder until the next class.

In addition, at the end of the semester, I will check all the folders to know if they are complete or not. Because their folders will become their Portfolio with the main content of the semester. But this time, the students will get a mark for it.

Until now, students are working until the last minute of the class, and I hope they won't lose their motivation doing this activity.

If you still have some doubts about my idea, you can comment or leave your own opinion. Let's share knowledge.

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