Wednesday, 17 August 2011

am I a boring teacher?

I have found (more than "a couple of times") some students who are sleeping in my class. It has become less common than years ago, but I still find students sleeping on the table.

I feel a bit a awkard about that situation, I don't know if waking them up, or just letting them sleep (they must be really tired to do so).

Then I think, something must be wrong. Because beyond the fact I can be really tired, or maybe sick, the respect they must have in class must be strong in enough to avoid doing such things.

Ok, let's say they are really tired, or maybe they can be sick. It can be. But what if they are not tired or sick. Does it mean that I am really such a boring teacher? Is my class so boring to hypnotize them? I don't think I am boring, as a person I mean. Then, what is it the problem?

I think the problem is that my interests are completely different from the interests of the students. What I am teaching has a goal, that in most of the cases, is really against the goals of the students, or it seems to be against their goals.

If what I am teaching, or the way I teach is against the students' interests, then I am really doing my work badly. It is true that we have to teach certain contents, grammar, vocabulary, rules, etc. But it is really useless, if I don't give a real purpose, a real meaning to all that content. What students see is a bunch of nonsenses that kills any motivation.

Something is wrong, I am not considering the interest of everyone of my students. And this is the hard part, because, how can I deal with the likes of everyone of my students? Probably, I won't do it. I can't. The content, the vocabulary, all the nonsenses are still strong to deal with every student. That is why I still have some students who are coming to sleep. After all, dreams are nicer than the boring reality.

But what do you think? Can I really get the attention, motivation and the interest of everyone of my students? There must be a way.


  1. I used to have a principal who said students have a right to sleep in your class and fail.

    You have to start with day one and get your students to buy into the class.

    You can do this by being a positive, upbeat teacher, who has an inviting classroom, is fair, and uses various means to pique the students' interests.

  2. Thanks Stephen for your words. I had a teacher who told me the same, that if I see a student sleeping, I must let him/her sleep. But just one day, next time, I have to talk with the student.
    Being a teacher is sometimes a tiring profession, I have to be positive and upbeat teacher, as you say Stephen, in that way, I will call the attention of the students and motivate them to participate in class


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