Friday, 12 August 2011

In the school, where is the family?

Most of what I am comes from what my mother taught me. My values and the way to treat other people comes from her. I think without her teaching, I wouldn't be the teacher I am now.

Students try to do their best for their own future, and we, as teachers, try to give the best of us to help them in doing so. But I feel that the role of the parents has lost strenght during the last years.

We can see that most of the parents want the best for their pupils, of course, they are the sons and the daughters. But sometimes, they give too much responsibility to the school in taking care of the children, thinking that schools must do all the job. But the main education doesn't come from an institution, it comes from home, when they are growing up.

Parents have a responsibilty that it must be done. They have to come and claim their position in the triangle of education.

If parents are keeping the children for at least 5 years before entering into the school, and they continue taking care of them during the rest of years while they are studying, then it means they are the foundation of the education, and it is their duty to shape the children to be good people.

I think, "hey!, he is your son, she is your daughter. Not mine" So, parents must start and lead the process of learning and getting good values.

Parents must give the real education and teachers must support them. But not the other way.

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