Friday, 31 August 2012

6° Step to the top: The first evaluation

Ok, after a month, let's evaluate what I have done.
I am already working, even with my students, a method to memorize words and concepts, and it is really working. You really need to check what it is the memory palace method.
And yes, I continue studying and learning through internet. But I think, I need to study more.

I am trying to deal with the behaviour by rewarding with points or even candies (for the youngest ones), and I am trying to promote the respect among the students. I am controlling the permission to go to the bathroom (most of the times they don't need the bathroom).
But I still don't do a list with the most repetitive problems in the classroom.

Students are already working in groups, and it is helping a lot to work with them. Although there are still some groups not working.
I still don't have enough time to create material for the classroom, although, the classroom is decorated with the works that students made before.

I created a schedule, but I still can't follow it, because there is always something else to do.

Well, I have done some things during the month, I have to improve some of them, and I have to fix new problems. Let's see what it will happen next months.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Is twitter better than facebook?

I have been the whole week learning how to use Facebook and twitter. OK, I am not an expert, but I have learnt fast. (Not so hard actually).
Anyway, I have been uploading information and links to my account in facebook. But one of the problems is that I can't upload files, just photos or links to videos (unless, I am wrong and you know how to do it, in that case, share the information with me).
But my account in twitter is the one I love the most. I never thought of the potential of this network.
I am a follower of excellent teachers and from whom I am getting many ideas, resources and pages.
Why I came late to this? I don't know, but one I am here, I would like to learn more and get more ideas on how to use twitter and facebook as a tool for my classes.
My question is: Is it really good to have an account in every new or trendy social network we face to? Will we have the time to post, upload, share and write comments in every one of them? I don't know. But I know that every possible way to be helping the students, then we have to do it.
Another question is ... which is better, facebook or twitter? you can leave your comments and give your opinion.
I think twitter is better.... well, it is my opinion only.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Facebook and twitter

Yes, I must say that after a long long and very long time, I decided to create a page on facebook. I hope it will be a good way to communicate with my students.

In addition, I created an account on Twitter: @elteacherjulian.

I will say that between Facebook and twitter... twitter is the one I like the most. Until now, I have got more from Twitter than from Facebook.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

5° Step to the top: Clean your desk

Yes, I made a mistake. I planned everything carefully. But I forgot something. What about all the work before planning.
When I started the second semester, I noticed I had left many things undone.  And even I had a great plan for the second semester, I never took into account all the work I left without finishing.
So, before I start planning, I must finish all, in order not to be worry or doing more work.
Trust me, "clean your desk" first, leave all the work done and then you will have free space to start doing your new plan.
After a week, I could finish almost everything I had left the first semester. Now I can follow my plan.
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