Saturday, 6 August 2011

Why some teachers don't have education?

The other day, I posted why do I hate some teachers? in relation with the irresponsibility of some leaders of teachers, that instead of finding a final solution, they are calling for more protests and strikes to improve the education in Chile.

Today, I was reading a post of Humberto Maturana in relation with the same topic, and I would like to share with you some of his thoughts.

Humberto Maturana, who is a prominent Chilean biologist and well-known philosopher, says in his post called "¡Queremos mejor educación! (We want a better education!):

"When I ask for something, I need that the soul of the person who can satisfy my petition, can agree with my soul and welcome me"

"When I demand (...) I doubt that the wishes of that person will agree with my wishes, and I turn to a hidden or a explicit threat, trusting that the right or the force can assist me"

"If we are honest to declare that we want to improve the education within the country, what we have to do is talking, generating spaces to settle agreement between the wishes (...)"

(You can check his complete post in Spanish here. Or you can check his page in English here.)

I agreed with his words, and I feel that the only way to really make a change in education, is by talking without the violence that some arrogant people think it is the right way.

Again I say, how can we promote values, respect and responsibility in our students, if we, as teachers, don't show that way first? That is why I say that some teachers don't have education.

Talking about the problems is the way we have to solve them and get a final solution. By the reason, not by the force.

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