Who am I?

"I wonder myself... who am I? I am still knowing myself"

Hello everyone! Nice to know that you are interested to know about me. Well... what can I say? My name is Julián, but I am better known as "Teacher", because I teach English in a far away country called Chile. My native language is Spanish but I would love to know more languages, because I just know few things.
As a teacher I have been working in the same school for almost 7 years after leaving the university, so I don't have experience further than in my present work, an agricultural boarding school.
I am a technological teacher, thus I try to use every gadget at work. (This year I bought my own projector :)
Internet has been a great partner for me, because it has helped me in many ways. In this way I found my lovely girlfriend who was in the other part of the world, a beautiful country called The Philippines.
Aside from loving my girlfriend and family so much... I love reading a lot, drawing, watching tv, and killing the time playing wii.
I hope to gather a great team of teachers who have the same interests as me, specially to share ideas and experiences.
I must say that every word I write comes from my own heart and doesn't represent any other person or institution.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing on it, and in case of doubt, you can write to me at: elteacherjulian@hotmail.com and I will write to you back almost immediately.

Best wishes

Teacher Julian VM

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