Thursday, 25 August 2011

Teacher, do you do this? ... then, don't do it again.

For me, my teachers were my heroes (and still they are). They were perfect in all ways, they didn't have any mistake at all. Now that I am a teacher, I know that they were not perfect, they were humans, they got tired, maybe, they lost motivation sometimes. The secret was that they kept in secret their mistakes, their humanity. They were really clever to do it, but I don't feel they were trying to deceive me or pretending to be someone different. I just think they were clever to know, that the only way to be professional, it is by putting aside the personal problems.

Teacher, if you do some of the following things, then please, don't do it more, or at least, be clever, don't show it to your students, and you will be a hero for them. (I repeat, it is not cheating or deceiving. It is being professional).

1.-You fail to your word. You say one thing, but you never do it, you promise and then you forget your it.

2.-You don't care about your presentation, if it is clean or neat.

3.- You come to the classroom late.

4.- You always forget some papers.

5.- You never give feedback on time, you never return the tests on time.

6.- You think you are God that knows everything.

7.- You always bring your personal problems to the classroom.

8.- You are lunatic. One day you are so friendly with them, the next you are like a monster.

9.- You never teach, you always talk and talk about different things, but you never do your class.

10.- You like improvising. Depending on the weather is what you are going to talk about.

11.- You never smile, you never enjoy your own class.

12.- You use the power of the marks to punish.

It is never late to change what we think it is not right. We have the chance to do it, everyday, and just we know ourselves. Don't repeat your mistakes again. Be a hero.

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