Thursday, 20 September 2012

Students writing books

I have mentioned already about my idea of creating a book. Yes, writing a book. But I know that it is hard, if there is no commitment and desire to create something like that.
Of course, that maybe, you must be thinking in a novel, but there is no need to do such a hard thing (no yet).
I will give you some ideas so your students can create a book.

1.- In groups, every student can create a couple of short poems. Let's see they create 6 or 7 short poems, they can have 24, 28 or even more poems per group. Then, if there are some students good at drawing, they can add some pictures and then they have their own booklet with poems.
2.- Every class, they can create paragraphs telling a story. With the time, they will have a long story to share with the rest of the class.
3.- They can create a blog, and adding posts as a journal or diary, so at the end of the month, they will get a collection of posts to create their own blog.
4.- There is an idea that I like so much. It is based on a teen series, where the student can create a manual to survive in the school, giving some tips and ideas to help students at school.
5.-Haikus are very short poems to be created not in Japanese, but in English.
6.-Twitter.... Yes twitter. OK maybe not all the students have twitter, but for instance, at a certain moment in the class, you can tell them to write a sentence about what they are doing, or thinking or watching. Then they will collect all these ideas as "thoughts in the class".
7.- They can create a book of "jokes". Students are good at telling goods, then tell them to write them all in English.

If you have more ideas, don't forget to share them.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Poetry in the class

I am taking a course through internet about modern american poetry. I know I am not expert on poetry, and to be honest, I haven't read poetry since years. So I thought it would be a nice way to go back to that amazing and interesting type of writing.
Blogs are good ways to get informed about what is going on around the globe. And it was in this way, that I knew about this course online given by Coursera. At the same time, I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more new vocabulary in English.
The course started on monday and it will last for 10 weeks. The teacher and the group of mentors are excellent. Even if it's been a couple of days, I have learnt many new ideas and words.
Besides, it is a good way to know more people interested on poetry. (There are more than 30,000 people on this course)

You must really check Coursera.
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