Saturday, 27 August 2011

Power Teaching: an effective method of teaching

Three years ago, I was searching for information about management, on internet. And I found something called "Power Teaching". It seemed to be a method of teaching and classroom management all in one. But, even if it seemed to be interesting and fun, I thought "this is just for children".

By now, you must be wondering what it is "power teaching". Well, it is a simple and really effective way to teach (no matter what subject) and to solve some problems related with bad behaviour.

I won't explain in detail, because you can check the Official Page, but in simple words, Power teaching is this:

The classroom becomes a fun and interesting place for students to learn and participate in every activity. As a teacher, you will teach a "scoreboard", in which the students will get positive or negative points (it will depend on you what score you will give, so you can control that). After that, you will teach the famous "Teach-Ok", in which you will give the chance to the students to teach their partners what they have learnt. (It is a really great way for them to express in their own words their knowledge, and in addition, they are strenghtening the contents).

Have you had problems trying to call the attention of every one of your students? How much time do you take to have all of your students ready to hear you and in silence? Probably minutes, right? Well, with power teaching, you just need 2 seconds. Just say "Class", and all your students will say "Yes", (and in silence, they will pay attention to you). And if you want to really be sure they are going to hear you, just say "Hands and Eyes", and they will do it.

This is just the beginning of this amazing way to have all your students working, interested and paying attention to your classes.

Ok, until now, it seems like "where is the camera?", because you can't believe it is so amazing. Well, let me tell you that it is really that way. It really works, and so much. And after three years, you must be thinking if I am still using Power teaching. Well, the answer is No, and I will tell you why.

This classroom management method is really excellent, even for higschool students, and I tell you it works because I tried it by myself. But after a time, students started getting a bit tired. Although the method is not boring at all, and actually it has already taken into account that the year is so long to continue doing the same activities, and for that reason, it has a lot of activities more; it is time consuming, and it needs a lot of previous preparation (I am not saying you have to know so much, no. But you need to be really prepared to work with this method).

For me it worked so well one semester, but then I noticed I had to do something new. But look, even after 3 years, I still have a student that every time he sees me, he says "Class", and I always reply "Yes".

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