Thursday, 25 August 2011

Law of Attraction: any hidden secret for teachers?

There is no "secret" in the Secret. It is something so elementary and simple that more than being a "secret", it is just simple common sense.

A couple of years ago, when I read and watch videos about the "law of attraction", it seemed to me that there is nothing new on it, but it was presented so well, that I bought "The Secret" (the idea, not the film) and I just started practising. I don't come to try to sell this as a product, but in some way, it really works, it worked for me. And if you are still wondering what it is all about "The Secret" and "the Law of Attraction", then you can see this video in youtube of Jessica Harlow's channel, which is quite clear.

I won't say that this is a magical recipe to be happy, but I will say, that this works because it is you who starts thinking in a positive way. And that is it, just being positive.

When I started thinking positive in my life, it really changed for good. Most of my dreams and hopes, and even big projects, really worked perfectly. Every little thing I had imagine in my mind, I made it real. Now, my question is, how can this be applied at my work as a teacher? If in someway, I can share this way of thinking with my students.

The thing is that just making a little change in the way we see things, we really make a huge change in our lives. For example, how many times have you woken up in the morning feeling like you don't want to work? or how many times have you gone to a classroom, already thinking like... oh My God!, not again this class? And this happens so much, because we tend to think negative, when we are suppose to think positive. Always trying to find something good at any thing.

When we go to a class already thinking wrong, negative, just like everything will go wrong, then you are already predisposed to receive just negative things. And most of the times... yes, the class goes wrong. What you have to do is thinking that anytime you face an obstacle, it is not bad, it is just other opportunity to change for good...for better.

Try to start thinking positive, even things seem so hard to achieve. Don't give up and don't be mediocre. Because everytime you see that things are getting harder, it is just another chance to improve yourself. And every time you are being positive, you transfer that optimism to your students too. And believe me, they feel it.

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