Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A classroom idea: "Verbs Windmill" (Last Part, the best part)

Well, the day came, and the students had to create their own version of the Verbs windmill, and let me tell you what happened.
First.. the problem of the materials. Not all the students came with their materials, and until the last time, they are trying to get some last resources. This brings the problem that some are asking permission to get what they need even on classes. I don't like this, but ok, I had to let them go for it. Second, the use of time. The time is valuable, and some are not using it wisely.
But among all, the balance is positive. They students got interested in this project, and they were trying to give their best to have a nice product. And the good part is when they make up new ideas and they are trying to improvise when they have problems with one part of the project. And this is what I like the best, their creativity. Because in here it is when they are free to imagine and create new things.
Let me show you some pictures of the projects.

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