Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Teacher Julian answers (1)

For the first time, I thought in answering some questions in relation with my blog. Maybe, in the future, I can answer questions in relation with my work or my experience.
  • Why I created this blog?
    I thought in creating this blog in order to do something new, to use internet to share with other people my own experience. I have used blogs with my students, but this is my personal blog, with all my thoughts and experiences.
  • Why I don't make money with ads? I never thought of that, actually. But even now, I don't feel I want to get money from it. In addition, I must be very important or known with many many subscribers to think I can get money. But honestly, even though, this blog is not intended to get money.
  • Why I use these colours and fonts? I thought in doing something attractive, I don't want a boring page. But, of course, I have changed some things through the months, because, yes... it was a bit colourful.
  • Do I accept comments and opinions from other people? Of course I do. And I always accept comments in my blog except if it is a spam. Although, I don't receive so many comments, I appreciate every one of them. I hope I can get more, to make this blog more interactive. Also, I always take into account every opinion.
  • Do I check other blogs? Yes, although I don't have so much time, but when I have time, I like reading other blogs, sometimes leaving comments. If the topic is interesting, I always read it.
  • Do I follow back? Yes, if it is an interesting blog. But for some reason my blog is having problems with my followers, I can't see them.
  • Why I don't post regularly? To be honest, I don't have so much time. And you must know that for posting in a blog, it needs some time.
  • Do I promote other blogs? Yes, if the blog is interesting and related with teaching, or English.
  • Why I don't teach English on my blog? Actually, my blog is just for sharing experiences, ideas, pages, information, etc. My intention is not teaching English (althought I have shared things like that), because if it is so, I must do my blog in Spanish. It will be strange to teach English to a person who already speaks English.
Well, I hope I have answered some questions in relation with my blog. If you have any doubt or you want to ask me anything, you can do it. You can leave a comment or send me an email directly to my address.
Take care and see you soon

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Youtube videos, again

I always have problems remembering things that I have learnt long ago. If I don't practice again, I tend to forget things.
That is why I am always finding for information and activities to restudy and learn new things too.
An easy way to learn is by watching videos, and you must know that youtube is full of videos like that. So don't be afraid to give a time to find information on youtube.
I recommend you to check the page of the bristishcouncil, so you can also check the videos like the one below.
They are good to be used with your students. They are simple and very "straight to the point".

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Education around the world

I like travelling, although I can't do it periodically. But because of my interest in different cultures, I have got interested in the way that every country has to educate their students. They say that the nation you want to get will depend on the education will give.
I have tried to get more and more information about this, and you won't imagine how much I have read about education in other countries. Why? because I want to know how is possible that in other cultures education is improving so fast, while in others is not.
I have noticed that education will success depending on two factors. Mainly, in the history of the country, in their customs, in the way they live or have lived for years. For instance, China and Japan have a tradition that goes back to centuries. It is part of their culture to study. And even though, they reach the limit in getting high levels of stress within the students, I still consider that education means a lot to them.
Last year, I had the chance to watch a series of BBC about the education in China. (Some chapters are in youtube). I got surprise to the way they teach. They are very strict and they use many hours to study during the day.
I like the idea of considering education as something so important for the life of the students. But I don't know if studying too much will help to get better results.
Probably, if the culture is used to do so, it won't be any problem. While some countries with cultures where education is not as important, probably, won't consider education as a priority.
I think another factor to get success is the reward you will get for such sacrifice. If you are going to spend so much in your education, then at least, you want to get some reward from it. You want to be sure you will get a good job, with a good salary, stability, time for leasure or to share with your family.
I think, as long as I don't see the importance of studying, and what I will get, then nobody will spend any second in doing so.
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