Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Teacher: learn a lesson of solidarity

This is the week of the solidarity. So we had the visit of a friend priest to talk about Solidarity and Youngsters. Father Rafael talked about solidarity in present times, and how it must fight against the injustices and consumerism.

But as teachers, we know that we have to be supportive with our students, and motivate our students to be supporitve too. I will share with you what Father Rafael told us about it.

The first point is welcoming. We have to welcome the person who needs our help. We have to welcome our students when they need us. Here, time is key. We need to give space on our busy schedule to our students.

A second point is hearing. And this is, probably, the hardest part. As teacher, we tend to have in our mind too many things, that even if we can give that time to our studetns, it is hard to concentrate, and really hearing what they have to say. And it is even harder to really put ourselves in the shoes of the other.

And the third point is building. Because inside every problem, there must be a solution. So, we have to start working, building solutions together, really going to the actions.

We are clearly in a consumerist world, And we have to know which is priority: the materials?resources? methods? evaluations?

I think we all know the answer. we all know which is the priority: the students.

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