Sunday, 31 July 2011

Debate: must the teacher be the clown of the class?

I wanted to start this series of posts called "Debate", in which I want to leave a question to you, so you can give your opinion and share ideas or experiences.
This time, I want to start with the question: Must the teacher be the clown of the class?
I have always thought about this: am I the only one who must promote the process of learning in my students? What about the responsibility that students must have to study and do their tasks by themselves?
It is true that I am the one in charge of the class, and that in someway, I must inspire my students to learn. But, do I have to come to class, everyday, and act as the clown, to call their attention, to entertain them and make them get interested on the subject, so they can study??
Where is the rol of the student who must understand, that studying is the way, by which they will form their own future?
I would wish that my students understand, that the school is not just a compulsory state, but they way they will improve their own lives. So, they will play their rol of students, and me I will play my rol of a teacher.
Everyone must act a part of this play. Don't you think?

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