Thursday, 18 August 2011

Just teachers teach?

Most of the responsibilities about teaching is given to the teachers. It is true though, that we give the content to the students. But, as I have said before, education starts at home. And not just teachers teach, no. Everyone who is in contact with the school life can, and must teach, not content, but values.

Today, I had one of those experiences that I won't forget for many years. I had learnt something not from a teacher, but from an honest and simple singer. A singer who infused in me the passion of doing things for other people.

Fernando Leiva, a chilean catholic singer, to whom I had the chance to know and hear his words today, really taught me an enormous lesson.

He shared many things about his life, but I can say two things that really touched my heart.

One is, that no matter what or how, God will provide all you need. And when you feel like down or almost giving up, just relax and leave all in the hands of God. He knows it all. But be patient.

A second point is that he was not just words, he was also actions. Actually, I could say he was just actions, because he is the kind of person that is not just happy with saying things, but also, doing what he is saying. I liked his passion for his belief in God. But as a teacher, what I won't forget is that, this life is so short to be complaining, that instead of doing that, I must do things, move, change, love, improve, and really put passion in my work.

After I had that meeting, while I was teaching to my students, I could feel that I was the teacher I wanted to be since so long. I really felt happy teaching and I saw myself complete, and loving my profession. Thanks Mister Fernado Leiva for his teaching of passion. Thanks for teaching me to be a better teacher.

source of the video: youtube

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