Tuesday, 26 July 2011

why is it important the use of videos at the classroom?

I must admit that I love movies. I can be watching movies on and on, and I can even repeat some movies, because they are really good. It is true though, I have forgotten some already (probably I have watched too many movies that I don't have more space on my memory)

But I just need one image of a single film to remember it completely. And this makes me believe that images are so much powerful than concepts. And if this is really applicable to everyone, it means that I can't leave aside the use of videos at my classroom.

If you don´t believe me, let's take this example. Imagine that I ask you to explain the meaning of the word "honor". Probably, it will be a bit hard to explain it with words. And most of the things that will come to your mind will be images of a person doing certain things, that for you, it will explain the meaning of the word "honor". Probably you will just imagine a "person" and not a "thing" or an "animal". This is because abstract words are difficult to explain without associating them with a concrete word. And in this case, we already know that the word "honor" is a condition of the human being.

Taking into account what I have said before, I consider it is so much important to use videos to support the content of the class. That is why interesting activities are remembered by students after many years. Maybe they won't remember all the content, but they will still have in their memories those moments.

Now the question is... if it is really meaningful the use of videos on the classroom?

By my experience. I have noticed, that videos are the most attractive feature at the moment of teaching. It calls the attention of the students, but we can make the mistake of just using the videos to raise their interest, but with lack of content or real meaningful.
One solution is by really planning well the activity we want to work with, and use the video just to help the increase of knowledge.

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