Monday, 18 July 2011

Power point classes

Since I left the university, it has been one of my dreams to have a laptop and a projector to use at classes. I thought, it would make me a "technological teacher" and of course, it would help me to teach. Well, I could buy a laptop. Actually, I have bought 3 until now (I know... people think I am rich, ... but I am not). But just until this year I could afford to buy a projector, I must admit... it has helped me a lot. At last, I could teach in the way I wanted.

But with the end of the semester, I must criticize myself for the use.. or maybe the abuse of this device.

I think the use of the projector has become just an extension of the old white board. Even though, I has created activities using the tools that powerpoint can offer, and other softwares like internet, video players or songs; I think, I haven't had the enough time to create activities to promote group works, or debates within the class.

The use of power point with a projector must go beyond the simple presentation of slides, but it must be also used to create activities.

For example, I use the tool of movement in Power Point, to do matching activities. That calls the attention of the students. Another idea is covering a picture or photo with different forms like triangles or squares, and setting movements on them. Then you can request the students to create yes-no questions. If the answer is yes, you click and then one of the forms is vanished, until the students know who is the one on the photo. (I still remember what my teacher Pablo Abarca taught me, jejeje. Thanks teacher... because you were my model to become more technological and creative).

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