Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Love in the profession

The last two days, I have seen again two very important aspects when we talk about the relationship between the students and the teachers.

1.- The first point is the importance of being a student, and how much important must be for us as teacher who are our students.
Just a little quiz:
a) Do you know the name of every one of your students?
b) Do you know where they come from?
c) Do you know their interests?
d) Do you know their talents?
e) Do you give time to talk with them out of the classroom?
If your answers are yes, then congratulations, because it means you really mind who your students are. It is now just loving them, but also, loving what they love.

2.- The second point is the Parable of the Good Samaritan. You must know about it. And in some way, our students are the ones needing for help... our help. But sometimes, we take the easy way out and we pass over the needs of our students.
I know... sometimes the needs are so much, that we feel overwhelmed.

My commitment will be get more interested on what my students really want or need, and won't be exhausted or giving up in this beautiful carreer.

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