Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Classroom Idea: "Verbs Windmill"

I always have the problem on how teaching English verbs. The common way is showing the verbs in columns (which is really boring).
I wanted to create a different way of working with the verbs and at the same time, that students could create a project with it.
Based on the "wheel verbs" and a video I found on, I was inspired to create a project that I call "Verbs Windmill".
The idea is that students in groups can create a windmill in which they will add a list of verbs.

A milk carton, long sticks, corks, glue, ruler, scissor, decorating paper.

Once the model of the windmill is done, you add the list of verbs on the blades. So in one blade you add the infinitives, in another blade you add the past tense, and in another one, you add the past participle form. And as a foreign language, in a fourth blade you can add the translation of the verbs.
I will ask my students to create this project by the end of August. So, once the students finish it, I will show the results to you all.

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