Thursday, 28 July 2011

I don't exist if I don't have facebook?

Ok, you must call me old, not updated, away from the social media, anything you like... shoot me, whatever, but yes.. I don't have facebook.

It is just.. I really don't like it. I don't hate it.. no.. dont take me wrong. I am not against facebook at all. It is just, I don't see the point of being part of a net that I won't use. Probably it is because I don't want other people to see me or find me, especially people you don't like or just you don't know. But I really don't feel being part of facebook.
I know you will defend facebook, you will say it has many application, and you will find many good points on it.

I remember watching a video on tv, about people gathering in a meeting or a conference, and they were saying thanks to facebook because it helped them a lot. And I agree with them.

But look...
I have two accounts on live messenger, emails accounts, I have created blogs, wikispaces, long ago I used to chat, I made many friends, and I say to myself.. do I need facebook? Probably the answer you will give is yes... hehehe. But I still don't want to have facebook.

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