Monday, 2 July 2012

Evaluating this blog

It is going to be one year already since I started this blog. At first, it was just a crazy idea about creating something different. I like writing and I thought in sharing my own thoughts about education and about my own experience as a teacher.
I never thought in becoming famous with lots of followers. Although it is not a bad dream, isn't it? But my intention was to create a way to contact other teachers and share information and ideas.
In some way, I think this blog didn't work as the way I wanted. But I understand that every project takes time to rise.
I must be positive, I have known more people from other parts of the world, I have interacted and talked with some great teachers, and I have received many opinions about my blog (although the opinions are not all appearing in the blog itself).
I know it takes a lot of time, and it is pointless to create something that no one will see, at least, to take something from it. And I have been thinking about this since long time already. If it is really necessary to continue writing a blog.
There are good and bad points, if there is even a little way to help someone else through this blog, then the blog must remain.


  1. Hello Julián,
    I see you're glad with updating your blog. I may have some peeks at it later.
    I've seen you and your blog in TeacherLingo, where I also post from my blog.
    It's great one wishes to share his or her experiences at teaching. That's what I do too: I learn from other teachers of English in the Web and post my experiences and research: I hope it'd be of any help to any teacher.
    By the way, I could be writing in Spanish but I see people from other countries follow your blog.
    From Granada, Spain

  2. Thank you Fernando for your comment. That was my first intention, creating links with other teachers. I hope you can share your blog here too, so we help each other trying to share our experiences as teachers.
    Greetings to Spain.


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