Saturday, 28 July 2012

4° Step to the Top: Possible Solutions II

Until here, everything is ok. I have set the main problems and the possible solutions. I created a plan and I was very detailed in dealing with every aspect. But there is always a "Troll". And which are the trolls for teachers? They are the "unexpected situations".
For me, at least, the trolls are the unexpected situations. I could have planned every detail, but even though, I try to consider every possible scenario, there are always situations that I have never expected. But this time, I have a plan for it too.

1.- I will relax, because I already know that trolls will come, so I don't have choice but accept them as part of life.
2.- Reschedule. I already planned what I will do during the day, but I will consider one or two of them as not so important. So in case I need extra time to deal with those "trolls", I will just use one of those activitites and I will face the trolls.
3.- I will consider in answering the following two questions: Is it really an emergency? (In order words, do I really have to change my schedule, or maybe, I have an extra time to do it?); Is it me the only one who can do it, or is it someone else who can do it? (In order words, if it is my responsibility, or if I can consider in asking help to another person)
4.-If I have the chance to deal with the "troll" immediately, then I will do it immediately. The fastest, the better.
5.-I won't say "yes" immediately, I will say "wait a bit, I need to check my schedule".


  1. This is really useful content. I should follow your tips for my own. Thanks a lot.
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  2. Thanks for your words, I am just trying to order myself and deal with my own problems being a teacher, and well... I hope it can help someone else. Anyone is invited to follow my tips and share them too. So if you have your own tips, you can share them too.


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