Saturday, 14 July 2012

Happy birthday Teacher Julian's blog

It is already one year since I started this blog. I never thought it would last so long.
And I just started it because, in someway, I wanted to do something new to express all I had inside.
Honestly, it hasn't been so worthy. I thought that connecting teachers to create a kind of network would be much easier. But after one year, I must say I failed on that point. Nevertheless, I have met awesome people and I have had the chance to interact and receive feedback from parts of the world.

But after one year, I started to think, "then what?"
I thought in giving up, and closing this account. But then I thought it is a bad idea.
I thought what if I continue telling and sharing my experience as a teacher. Yes, but it is the same again.
So I thought in really doing something for me, and of course, to share it with you. I thought in really making a change in my life as a teacher. And I came up with the idea of making a revolution on my own way of teaching, and all the aspects related with my work.

Here is the deal, I must admit in first place, that I am not the best teacher, and I really need to improve in so many ways, After saying this, I show my will to improve and do something to change all my bad aspects.

For that reason, I will create a plan to deal with all my errors and, to have better results in my work and with my students, but at the same time with my life.
So, I will be sharing with you, all the steps I will take to fullfil my goals. To do so, I will use winter vacation to create a plan, then I will use it during the following months, and at the end of the year, I will evaluate my performance. I won't set high or impossible goals, I will just deal with the main problems that are affecting me in my work and life.
I hope this will help me and in some way, help you too.

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