Sunday, 8 July 2012

Chatting on internet while feeling secure

Probably, you wish your students to have more interaction with the English language. And you wish your students to speak more on internet. The problem is that there must be few places where they can interact with other people in order to improve their English in a secured way.
Now a days, there are thousands of pages where you can chat with other people, but you won't allow your students to do so, mainly, because there are bad people on internet.
What if you have the chance to chat on internet, not with a person, but with a page on internet, kind of robot with artificial intelligence?
Well, then you must check cleverbot is a page where you can write and even talk by microphone (though this feature is not so accurate) and you can have answers in reply.
A good feature of this is that answers may vary with the time, and you can try to create new questions and topics of conversation. You will have lots of fun talking with cleverbot. And yours students too.
They can practice chatting on internet with cleverbot. They won't feel pressured about their grammar, in case they are committing some mistakes. And more important, they won't deal with unpleasent real people.
Again, you must really try to use this page and you will see that it is really funny.
A bad feature can be that the creators of this page mention that cleverbot learns from the answer of the people, so sometimes, some answers could be innapropiate.

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