Wednesday, 18 July 2012

2° step to the top: Problems and solutions

Ok, once I have thought in the aspects I want to correct, I have to be more specific, and at the same time, I must try to find some solutions.
Being more specific and finding solutions, can just start by creating some ideas. Let's see.

In the last post, I wrote down 4 aspectos I want to improve. Now I will be more specific and I will try to give possible solutions (Of course, this is not the final decision, I will evaluate what I will write now and I will fix some points).

1.- Knowledge:
a.-Grammar, vocabulary, expressions.
b.-Pedagogical aspects

2.-Classroom management and order:
c.-Permission to leave

3.-Methodology and Materials:
a.-Group work, individual work
c.-Materials for the classroom

4.-Personal time management:
a.-Time for work
b.-Time for home

OK, per every problem, I will think in a possible solution. Let's see again
1a and 1b.- I will find a way to improve my memory and study more (I already found a great way to do so). I will start reading more, (newspapers, magazines, books, etc.)

2a.- I will find the way to reward good behaviour, and I will create a list of few rules for the classroom. In addition, I will have a notebook to write down some repetitive problems.
2b.- I will stop disrespectful behaviour, and I will promote nice atittudes in the classroom.
2c.- I will find a way to control every time a student is asking to go out of the classroom.
2d.- I will invent a form to promote the cleanliness in the classroom.

3a.- I will use group works for the whole semester, so they can help each other, but at the same time, I will use another way so they can evaluate individually.
3b.- I will be very strict about responsibility. But I will find a way, so students have more than one chance, in case they can't come to class or deliver their work.
3c.- Every week, I will create material for the classroom, and material for a page on internet.

4a and 4b.- I will create a schedule, and I will be firm to accomplish it.

If you want to add more ideas, or share your own path, you can do it, leave a comment, and let's all improve together.

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