Monday, 25 June 2012

yteach. A page to order your lessons

I have been  testing this page Yteach the last days. Actually, I have been testing the spanish version of this page. And although, I haven't been able to check every one of its tools, it seems to be a good resource for teachers.
Let me tell you what I have learnt from it.
Yteach is a page designed for teachers. Imagine that you can upload your own activities or if you want, you can have access to plenty of other materials shared by other people. In addition, you can create your own material and share it too.
With yteach, you can find the material you need for your classes, but at the same time, you can choose material from other sources like youtube, or other pages.
Your students can practice at home with activities and tests that you give for them in this page too.
I think, it has a great potential. But until now, I have found some problems with this page.
I haven't found all the information and content I needed. Most of them seems to be as a demo version, probably, because my account doesn't allow me to have the full content.
It is not a hard page to work with, but I feel it could be easier than it is now.

Now it is your turn to check this page and share your opinion.

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