Monday, 16 July 2012

1° step to the top: Challenge accepted

Yes, challenge accepted. I said I would make an incredible change in my way of being, and I would improve myself in different ways.
First of all, I must say that I want to be "myself", so don't expect the serious guy of the last year.
Second, if you just read my last post, you will see that I made a deal, that I want to fulfill and that you will be the witnesses of my success (or my failure... I hope not).
I said that I would start with a plan, that I will try to fulfill during the next months, and at the of year, I will evaluate my performance with you. Maybe you can take some lessons from what I will do.
I will start my journey naming the posts as "Steps to the top". So you can check the whole journey finding it with the tags "steps to the top".

The first step is called "challenge accepted". Why? Because I want to really accept the change in my life, and do something more important and productive in many aspects. And to do so, I must admit that I make many mistakes, and I must mend them.

I set a plan to fix my mistakes and find excellence in different aspects, I ordered them in levels of priorities:

1.- Knowledge: As a teacher I must have complete knowledge of what I teach. And I have noticed that I have stopped learning new things or, I just don't know how to do it anymore. And I will consider knowledge as two different aspects of the education; one related with English language, and another one related with the knowledge requiered as a teacher.
2.- Classroom management and order.
3.- Methodology and materials.
4.- Personal time management.

These are the main problems I have. Probably you have different ones.
After setting my priorities, I will create a plan to face them and defeat them. Yeahh!

If you want, you can follow the steps and you can share your experience too. Don't forget to leave your comments, click like.. . wait... it sounds like youtube. hmmm.

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