Wednesday, 25 July 2012

3° Step to the Top: Possible solutions I

OK, let's see what I have until now.
I already set the main problems I have as a teacher, and I thought in possible solutions. Now, I tell you what I will do for every one of the solutions.
Even though, I maked it as the 4th point in my list, I took it as the first problem to deal with. Time management is really important if I really want to change some bad vices.
I have noticed that I waste so much time in silly things, that I am always saying I don't have enough time. So I decided to create a schedule. including all I do during the day at work, and now, I added what I plan to do during the week for my personal time.
I have left an entire day to just plan and to prepare material for the next week. In that way, I have time to read, to study, to watch tv and to surf on internet (of course, not for long hours). I have to be strict on this, so I can really use the time wisely. I even left time to deal with possible situations in the future.
Point number 1 is about the Knowledge. Well, I already set time to study everyday, topics related with the English language, and topics elated with teachers and pedagogy. And I am trying to practice a method to memorize called Loci or Memory palace. (I must tell you that until now, even in few days, I have got good results to memorize concepts and vocabulary).
Point number 2 is about Classroom management and order. I am already reading about this to know what I can do at work. In relation with behaviour, I will be more strict in some aspects. I will control the entrance, the uniform, the use of materials, I will stop and guide every bad behaviour, insult or even simple word directed to affect or hurt other person. I will control when students are leaving the classroom and I will create a list of students who will help with the cleanliness of the classroom.
To really be sure that all of these commitments are really done, I will create a list of task to do during the class, that I will check everyday.
In relation with the point number 3, Methodology and materials, I am already creating a new way of working with the youngest students, and in general, with the rest of the students. To do so, I thought in working in groups, creating games and competions, and using internet and social networks to help the students who have problems. In addition, I will give time every week to create material for the classroom.

I hope all these activities will help me and the students to improve our results and enjoy the classes more.

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