Saturday, 3 September 2011

We already know... there is something wrong with education

Chile is living already 3 months of strikes, protests and violence. Why? because students want a better education. But I wonder myself what does that mean?. What is "a better education"?
For sure, there is something wrong with it. Most of the works and professions have already changed through times, but education is stuck, since ancient times, there is no much change on it. We need it, but what is that change?
Let's start with teachers. I won't say all, but many teachers have a lack of motivation, probably they don't feel that they are appreciated, they don't receive respect. No wonder why they don't feel putting so much effort in their work. (Again... not all teachers). Some say that they don't receive so much money according to their work. Probably, it is less than in other countries, but I don't know if it is a matter of money. Another point is that, in the last 2 decades, technology has evolved so much, that some teachers are reluctant to change their ways of teaching. I think, teachers must evolve, more than just being a teacher, they must be a facilitator, a helper, a reference.
What about the parents? There is a debt here. For many many years the school  has been a place to give information, but at the same time, it is seen as a place to keep students while parents work. There is few connection between the school and the parents. Most of the times, it is just for special occasions, that parents participate in activities related with the students. I feel there is still a lack of participation of the parents. It can be because they don't have time, they work, or any other reason. But if we really want to make a change in education, then the interest mut be higher.
The students. Well... they are the central part of all. We can't do so much without their help. Probably because they are still young, they don't see the importance of education. They have a great responsibility though, and I dare to say, that just few of them have done their work..
The world is changing, and the school is getting old. Teachers, parents, students, the whole society feel the school must change. We need it so much. And I hope that something so amazing, great, inspiring and beautiful as  education is, can find a way to improve and switch the feeling we have about schools.

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