Friday, 9 September 2011

Movies and Series for teachers

I am fan of  movies and series. Not just one kind of movies, but different, and I might say that I have watched a lot of movies and series related with teachers, and from most of them, I got great lessons.
I will share with you some of the films and series, that I consider interesting and good for teachers.
  • Gokusen: I have mentioned this series before. A japanese teacher, comes to teach in a hard class, where most of the students are bad guys. But "Yankumi", this new teacher, comes to teach them a good lesson of friendship. What they don't know, is that "Yankumi" is descendant of Yakuzas, so she won't be easily scared by the students.
  • The Queen's Classroom: Talking about strict teachers, this is an excellent japanese series about a strict teacher who became the worst nightmare of a young group of students. I like this series, because the teacher even though, was a bit scary, she was an excellent professional, knowing and doing her work very well.
  • Nobuta wo produce: A shy girl who is bullied at the school, is helped by two students to be popular in the school.
  • Battle Royale: Not recommended for children. A controversial, crude, and violent movie. Students are so bad that, in the future, the government passes a law, in which, one class within the country must participate in a kind of punishment called battle royale. Just one must survive. (This movie shows the lose of respect and values in the schools, which is getting common in some parts. Sad to say)
  • To Sir with love: An old movie, starred by Sidney Poiter, who comes to a difficult class to teach, and he must face hard times with the students. But he will teach them more than just contents.
  • Dangerous Mind: Famous movie with excellent soundtrack. Again, this time a woman playing the role a teacher, comes to a hard class, and do her best to help them in a world of gangs and drugs.
  • Take the Lead: The same plot, a teacher coming to a hard class. But this time, based on the life of Pierre Dulaine, with lots of music and rhythm.
  • Les Choristes: Touching french movie. A teacher of music comes to a boarding school, where most of the students are having a difficult life. He comes with the dream to form a choir, but it won't be easy at first.
  • Front of the class: Based on a true story, this movie tells the life of Brad Cohen, who was bullied at the school because he suffered from tourette sydrome. His dream was becoming a teacher, but in order to do so, he had to face difficult obstacles. Here we see how dreams, even impossible, they can become true, if we really want them so much and put so much effort on them.
  • School of rock: The perfect movie for Jack Black. Here, Jack plays the role of a decadent rock musician, who uses the name and title of his best friend to work in a school, and teach (nothing) to a group of young students. The movie is full of "recesses", until this lazy teacher discovers that his students are really good at playing instrument. From then on, he starts teaching music, and how to play rock.
Some of the movies are good to work with the students. others not. But I find all of them very interesting. But of course, there are hundreds of movies more, and if you want to share some, you can do it leaving some comments.

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