Monday, 5 September 2011

Do your students understand you, teacher?

Source: Video Youtube
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I found this video funny in two ways: First, can you understand the teacher? It doesn't sound English, right? Well, it makes me think how much of what I say in class is really understood by my students. If it goes into the other ear, or if it is not even reaching any ear, is something really important. Why? Because we can be wasting a lot of time planning, creating a good class, bringing material, giving the best speech ever... but even though, my students seem not to understand (yes I know, I am talking in English for them, when they don't speak English... joke), but seriously, I try to find ways to make them understand what I am saying. Then I think, what if no matter how hard I try, they will never understand my words... until they tell them by their own words. Probably, the only way they will really understand what I am saying, is after they really experience it.

The second thing which is funny, but it is part of the reality of the classroom. Did you see the boy? He was always doing something that, at least for him, was right. In order words, he was thinking something different from reality. This makes me think how true is the fact the every student is a very different world, with different worries, problems, hopes and dreams. If as teachers we could have enough time to travel to every one of those amazing worlds, how much more we would learn from them, and how much more we could help too.

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