Thursday, 15 September 2011

Learn to follow, then you can Lead

I feel there is so much arrogance in the air, so much irrespectfulness, that you can't even notice it is there, in front of your eyes. It is so much easier to be intolerant than accepting that other can be right.
I don't know what it is wrong with being a follower. It seems to be a sin, like so low, that no one wants to be a follower. Being a follower means that someone else has power on you, and it sounds like you are used or abused by other person.
Most of the times we are so arrogant to admit that there are better people than us, that there are people who are more intelligent than us, that there are people more successful than us. And then we feel envy of them, because they are better. And, as it is so easy to criticize, and it is so hard to follow, we start feeling hating them for being luckier than us.
Everyone wants to be the leader immediately, without effort, but to do so, we need to follow first.
It is about respecting the different roles. If you respect your boss, then when you become a boss, your workers will respect you too. If your boss respects you, then when you become a boss, you learn how to respect your workers.
It is common sense. Respecting to be respected.
You can say that you have the right to do anything. Perfect. But it means that anybody can do the same.  And what if other person feels he has the right to harm you, to hurt you, to deceive you, ... is it ok?
Following other means you give a time to learn from that person. You have the chance to just hear, to just learn, so then, you have the enough time to lead, to guide.

Being a student is not the worst thing in the world. It is just a moment of your life in which you are hearing, watching, feeling, listening, learning, preparing yourself, improving, growing, believing, dreaming. Because the time will come that you will have to show what you learnt.
You will have to hear your children when they are telling you something important.
You will have to watch the signs when your child needs your support.
You will have to feel the happiness or pain that your children are feeling.
You will have to listen when your wife/husband is talking to you.
You will have to help your children to prepare themselves to face the future life.
You will have to believe in your children and believe that they will be good people in the future.

First follow, then you will learn how to lead.

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