Saturday, 10 September 2011

Is education the only way to eradicate poverty?

There are two ways to become a millionaire: one is winning the lottery, and the other way is by working so hard to earn that money.  The first way, although is the fastest way, is the hardest one to get. And probably, as the saying says "easy come, easy go", that money will vanish soon.
Working hard seems to be the toughest road to succeed, but it is the most secure one.
Definitely, education is the main way to break the poverty circle. But if it is so, why there is still so much poverty in the world? What are we doing wrong? Probably, we are not reaching every child, or probably it is not a quality education.
If we really want to make a chance in the world, we must start with education. But we know it is not easy, because education has become a business. No wonder why just few can get an excellent education, while others must stay in the line waiting for their turn.
Education is not a business, it must be a right for every person, as we know it is the only way to promote values and the social promotion. To do so, we have to bear in mind the following aspects.
  • Education is a right and a duty. No one must be away from this.
  • It must be compulsory. Otherwise, you give the chance for some to choose not to take education as a choice.
  • Education must be free. You cannot pay for your right. But at the same time, there must be high standards, so education will be measured by excellence and not by money.
  • There must be a change in how we see education. It is not just a place called "school" to go during week days. But, it is a place in which you can enhance your skills and interests.
  • Educators do an honorable work, so they need recognition,  not in money, but in making the profession as something of excellence.
For sure, the only way to fight against poverty, is by giving an education of excellence and quality. But we must know also that as long as, culture will still help to make differences between people, then, there will always be poverty in the world. Education can help to revert that, but it won't  be the last and definite solution.

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