Sunday, 2 October 2011

why to continue studies to get perfection

I have been very busy in these days, and it is because, apart from preparing the material for my classes, I am already taking courses.
I already shared with you my course about videogames and education that I took last year. And the last semester, I took another e-learning course about research skills in relation with ICTs. Well, now I am taking another e-learning course called multimedia, and until now, we are just starting, but I have already learnt some terms and how interesting can be a page that uses hypertext, video, images and audio. And I hope to be creating material to share with you all.
In addition, I am about to start a short course in relation with the use of blogs, and soon I will start another course for teachers of English with level B2 or ALTE 3. I feel really excited to start soon these courses, because I really enjoy learning new things.
Next friday I will be travelling with a group of my students into a national gathering of ecoclubs, and of course, I will be sharing that new experience too.
I think, it is never late to study and learn something new, and it is essential in the life of a teacher to continue improving and learning, because even if we don't want, things are never the same, and we have to adjust to that.
That is why I have been a bit busy in these days. Is it too much? Well, if you like something, then you will always have a time for everything, the point is that you don't make excuses that there is no time, because it is a matter of just scheduling and time management.
You must take into account the following aspects:
  1. Learning is a life-long process.
  2. You can have a big and long experience being a teacher, but it doesn't mean that you know everything or that you have the answer to everything.
  3. Studying is not just a process that you do in a formal way. You have millions of pages on internet where you can get information to continue learning.
  4. Facts are always changing, so you must be updated.
  5. Your students are changing too, they are not the same as previous years, so their knowledge and questions are different, are you ready to answer those new doubts?
  6. Learning is one of the most amazing things we can do in our lives. Don't you enjoy so much when you discover a new fact?
  7. If you demand a lot from your students, then be prepared to be demanded a lot by them.
  8. Don't be stubborn, and get along with the modern times. Don't stay in the past.
  9. Finally, it is good to be a student again, not just to learn something new, but also, to understand what it is being a student in a modern era.
Are you studying nowadays? what are you studying? what was the course you enjoyed the most?

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