Saturday, 29 October 2011

The verb To Be

To Be
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I don't know why the verb To Be, even though it is the most basic verb in English, is so hard to be learnt by the students. I must say that even after many years, they can't memorize this verb. Probably, it has been a problem of the teachers, me included. Because how come that something so simple, it can be so hard for the students.
And this is a major issue for the students who are learning English as a second language, because they must learn the pronouns and then this verb to say a simple sentence. Then it will be helpful to create sentences in Continuous Tense, and Passive voice.
But for some reasons, teachers are still not able to teach this in a good way (me included, again)

Just to remember:

      =   Yo
You  =   Tú (singular informal)     Usted  (singular formal)
He    =   Él
She   =   Ella
It       =  Él / Ella  (When we are not talking about a person) *
We    = Nosotros / Nosotras
You   =  Ustedes (plural)
They  =  Ellos / Ellas

* In Spanish, we don't need to use pronouns, because the verbs tell us the subject. In relation with the subject IT, in Spanish, we don't use the pronoun Él / Ella, when we are talking about anything that it is not a person.

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