Thursday, 20 October 2011

what I need or what I want

I still wonder if what I teach is what my students really need. Because one thing is what we need, and another thing is what we want.
Most of the times, students want something totally different from what they need to know, and our role will be trying to to make them meet in the middle.
We know what the students want, but the programs of the government tells us what we have to teach, and giving too much time to work on what the students want, it will mean less time to work on what they must learn every year in every subject.
My students need to learn more about real life, what it really happens outside the bubble called school. They need to know what to do in case of any situation.
The problem is that just teaching pronouns won't help in gathering and getting certain skills.
What we have to do is the following:
1.- We need to know our subject very well,
2.- We need to know methodologies to work with the students
3.- We need to know what our students want
4.- We need to know the way our students learn better
5.- We need to encourage our students to get any goal they have
6.- We need to encourage the sense of responsibilty
7.- We need to consider all the previous points to make a deal between our responsibility as a teacher, the responsibility of the students, the subject and its relevance outside the school.


  1. You are super right. Students are not ready to face the hardships of real life and after school they come fresh and vulnerable usually helpless to face the burden to be an adult. The list is good but still the government dictates what to learn and what not.
    New article available.


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