Thursday, 6 October 2011

No more violence, no more bullying

No more, really NO MORE! No more violence, no more bullying. Where are the values? where is the love? where is the respect? Is it really the family so absent on this matter?
It is just. I was raised with values, respecting the rest of the people. But nowadays, all those values are getting lost. I feel afraid that the families are not taking account on this matter.
But how can we teach values, if values can't be taught? How can we deal with violence, if violence tends to generate more violence?
The circle must be broken, and we can't accept more threats or violence in the class. Everyone has the right to work and study in a comfortable, nice and secure environment. And as teachers we must help to grant and mantain that environment.
Let's say no more to the violence in the classroom, no more violence outside the classroom, no more violence in our lives, and let's promote love, values, respect and solidarity.
Remember, no more violence, but more respect and love.

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