Sunday, 4 December 2011

Is it so hard to learn English?

This is a tricky question, because it can be both, easy and hard. And it will depend on where in the world we are. But let's imagine we are in the furthest country in the world: Chile. And you are surrounded by an ocean or mountains, and the only way to have contact with the English language is by travelling thousands of kilometres.
Is it hard to learn English? In these conditions, yes, so much. How on earth we can learn something that we don't know, we don't see, we can't even practice?
But as I already said, it is a tricky question, because the answer I can give is: "Learning English is very easy", but you have to consider the following aspects:
  1. You must be willing to learn something new, you must be sure that learning English is what you want, not just because it is a trend, but because you really see the potential of learning a new language.
  2. You must consider the time. It needs time to learn something new, and considering that English is a whole new language, it will need a long time. But based on my own experience, I can say that it will take one or two years to learn the basics in a good way.
  3. You must consider the support you will need. Internet is full of pages to learn English, hundreds of courses, but so what. Most of them are boring, and even in real life, going to classes, is boring. And you know why? Because the way the present or help you to learn the language is really useless. You must know what you want to get from learning English, then you will know which is the best course you can take.
  4. Forget what other people think about you. It is true that nowadays, many people are trying to learn English, but there are still a lot of people that will think it is silly, and they will make fun of you if you are practising pronunciation aloud. Forget them, it is your life, your future, and just you know what you want from English.
  5. Take English as a tool, not as a goal. I have seen a lot of people trying to learn English, just to know a new language, and then what? Nothing, because they never consider the reason of learning English.
Life is not easy, but you choose what paths to take, and if learning English is a great tool for you, then learn it.


  1. So true, Julian! I agree with what you have said and your teaching philosophy!

    'Use it or lose it'! This motto goes for foreign language learning, as well!

  2. There are many things I tend to forget, just because I don't use them. Learning English means practising everyday, learning something new everyday, but more important, using the new things a lot.
    Thanks for your comment Christina


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