Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Prevention is better than cure

The end of the year is near, and no more time for classes. But for some reason, just when it is the end of all, is when the concern about the final marks starts.
I feel a bit worry about this situation because, it is not new for me to face this.
Of course, this is something I already know from the beginning of the year, and I am very clear to say that they have a whole year to work hard and improve their performance. But even though, it is just at the end of the year when everyone is worry about their results.

I feel that this blog has giving me the chance to give my opinion but also, to analyse my own performance. Because I consider all the reasons why things are happening the way they happen. I think it has been my fault not to be more concerned or worried about the situation that happens to my students. And if it is just at the end of the year that they are worried, in the same, I must be worried too. Not now, but during the whole year. But then I think, I have done that job too, of telling and advicing them to work hard, but they must give their part too.
But what do you think? I would like to receive comments and ideas, because I can know some ideas, but I would like to have more.
But as "Good chileans, we always leave all for the last minute".


  1. Hi,
    Really your posting is very informative and useful for others. I really appreciate your work. Prevention is better than cure …all knowing it. But no one consider it serious. We will not get back our Life. I would like to know more about health related topics…!

  2. Thanks for your comment, I hope I can share with you all about my experience and I hope it is useful for you too.
    I am not expert in health, but I give my opinion and advices in relation with that topic, because I like sharing what I do in order to stay healthy. Being a teacher is a stressing job and we need to mind that.


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