Monday, 19 December 2011

Keep your files safe with Dropbox

I will be talking in advance, because I have heard about this page long ago, but just until today I have started using it.
Dropbox is a program that you download and it allows to upload your files to internet, so you keep them safe. Probably, until here, nothing new to you. But the good thing of dropbox, that every time you update any file you are uploading to internet (by the way, you just drag and leave the files you want to upload in a folder in your computer. So easy!), your file will be updated on internet, so you can open your file in any computer or cellphone, and you will see the change.
Initially, you have 2 GB, but you earn 250 MB everytime you invite other person and that person accepts to try dropbox.
Honestly, it sounds interesting to me, to keep all my files of my school. But I have to use it and then I can talk based on my experience.
Probably you know this page, or you are already using it and you have your own opinion about it. Or maybe, you know other similar program. If that is the case, I am all ears.


  1. Here are some posts from Free Technology For Teachers blog labelled 'Dropbox'.. maybe you'll find something useful there.

  2. Depending on whether you want to use DropBox for consumer or businesses purposes, it may or may not be right for you. For businesses in many regulated industries, DropBox is not compliant. Their website clearly states this:
    Dropbox Enterprise File Transfer from Thru is the secure solution for businesses and enterprises. Their solutions have been working for large businesses for ten years without a single security breach.

  3. As a teacher, I just think in keeping safe some of my file, if it is suitable for enterprises, I dont know, but thanks for your comments, now I learnt something new.


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