Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How to start a new year well prepared

I know the new year is still away (not so much though), but before starting a new year of classes, it is good to take into account the following points:

  1. First of all, remember the previous year. It is not just a "gone year". You have to consider the good and bad experiencies you had. Learn from the good ones, and improve them. Learn from the bad ones, just don't repeat them. (Every year is a new one, but always take your last year as your starting point)
  2. Plan ahead. Prepare a good lesson plan for next year. You already have a lot of time in your vacation to give at least one week to prepare all you need. I know... it sounds boring working on your vacation. But, that week you will work, it is an investment for the whole year.
  3. Not just plan your lessons or contents. Also plan for every possible situation that can happen. What if there is one student who can't come to your test. What if you can't be at the school because you are the one sick, do you have a backup strategy?  Just be prepare for all you can encounter during the year, and that you already faced last year.
  4. Have realistic goals. Don't imagine the perfect year, with perfect students. Just be realistic to know that the year won't be perfect, and that there will be student who will need more of your support. But being realistic doesn't mean that you won't plan some new or innovative this new year. Plan at least 2 great ideas to impress anyone next year.
  5. Don't be old fashion. Be ready to change and adjust according to the new characteristics. You have a plan already, ok. But be prepared to fix it, in case you have to fix it.
  6. You have goals, now create goals with your students. Don't let them out of great projects. Ask them what they want for the new year, and create things together. There is nothing more interesting and inspiring than when you are told to be part of that.
  7. Don't forget to study. We are teachers, but it doesn't mean we know all already. Prepare yourself, learn more, study more, create new links or friends. Use technologies to learn from other teachers. Using this blog has been so much helpful for me in order to know other teachers' experiences.


  1. Thanks for the comment, I hope to be informative based on my own experience


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