Monday, 12 December 2011

The year ended for me. Time to evaluate

The class has ended for me. The year of working, preparing material, checking works ... well, it ended. The students have vacation, last wednesday was the graduation. And that's it. A year was gone by the wind again. And we don't see how time is so fast. But never so fast to evaluate the whole process.
And I want to do this, to share with you my successes and failures, so you comment, and help me to improve as well.

Let's start with the good things.
  • I had my own classroom
  • I could buy my long-waited projector
  • I got a better mark from my students
  • I applied for a project to get my own small library, and I won.
  • I was awarded for my creativity and innovation
  • I finished two e-learning courses, and two e-workshops, with good marks
  • The students were motivated to work this year
But there are still bad things:
  • I still have problems with classroom managment
  • I still have problems with group works
  • I have been disconnected from my students, at a personal level
  • I still have to work harder on speaking skills
A new year will come, and I hope to get more good news, and less bad news.


  1. Hi Julian,
    Great post! I felt like reflecting on my own achievements and failures this year :)
    There's one thing I got curious about - you wrote that you got a better mark from your students this year.. Can you tell how it works?
    With warmest seasonal greetings,
    Helen (ESL teacher from Ukraine)

  2. Helen, thanks for your comments.
    In relation with your question. Every year, students must fill a survey to evaluate the teachers' performance. Well, this year, I got a better mark, better than last year. We dont know the students are asked to do the survey, it is random and secret, but I know they evaluate my performance, knowledge, how I treat them, among other things. It helps me to know my weak points and improve them. And at the same time, it makes you feel happy if you get a good mark :)


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