Wednesday, 9 November 2011

How to get motivation?

It is so hard trying to find the exact moment, the exact word, the exact image, the exact video, the exact point in time, that would make a change in the way my students see life. Just let's try to see back in our past, and we will find a moment, just something that changed our lives forever. That exact moment that all our nature as human beings took form, and we discovered what we wanted to do in this life. And from then on, everything was so easy for us, because we knew exactly what we were supposed to do to be happy.
As teachers, this is really so hard, because every student is a different world, almost an entire different universe. So, trying to find the exact "key" to inspire every one of them to find their right path in life, is really so hard.
Sometimes I feel powerless to feel that I can't find that exact "key" to everyone of my students. And sometimes I really don't know if what I am doing is really inspiring. All I can do, or at least, try, is to give as much as experiences I can give to them, so If I am lucky, one of them, will really be meaningful to them.
But this life is so amazing, that we don't need to receive an amazing experience to find the right path. Sometimes, just simple things can inspire us.
Long ago, a good coworker of mine showed me this video. At first, it was like... "what is this?, so silly". But then after finishing the whole video, I got a strange feeling. Like ... wow.
Anyway, this video inspired to travel far away of my home, into another country. Maybe, most of you have traveled so much, not big deal. But for me, I have never travelled to a foreign country (in asia), alone, and of course, feeling scared. But I thought, if Matt could do it, why not me?
A simple video can change a life.

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