Thursday, 24 November 2011

Such a student, such a teacher

I won't say I am an "otaku", but I like japanese animation, and among my favourite ones, is Naruto.
One of the images I like from that "manga", is that one in which you can see Naruto and his two classmates (Sakura and Sasuke), and their teacher Kakashi. And then you can see another picture, of Kakashi (when he was young) with his two classmates, and his teacher, and then another picture of that teacher, and so on.
For those who knows about Naruto, must know the kind of student who is Naruto. He was a very lazy, and hyper student. He was not loved by the rest of the students, actually, the classmates had fears of him.
But when Naruto has Kakashi as his teacher, then in someway, Naruto changed for good, and he had the goal of being the leader of the Village.
Naruto is descended from a line of leaders (Hokages) of that village.

Everytime I remember that picture, I wish to have that kind of teachers, who can inspire me to be the best. Actually, everyone had those kind of teachers. But the real question is ... am I that teacher for my students?  Am I inspiring my students to give their best?

And just now, I have come to the conclusion that my students are the reflection of what I am showing. (I am not lazy, but if I let them be lazy, then I am lazy).

I think I have failed to the goal of forming leaders. For that reason I really must change the way I am working, (Kakashi is not the perfect person, but as a teacher, is one of the best).

It can sound childish, but even this cartoon gives a really deep meaning about teaching.
A new goal for next year will be forming leaders. And I hope someday, I can be a really good leader. If Naruto has that great goal of being Hokage, why not me?

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