Sunday, 20 November 2011

Evaluation, just to get a mark?

Well, I must say sorry, I know it will sound repetitive, but yes... I have been very busy these days. The end of the year is near, and at least, in Chile, the year school is ending too. Fourth level went home already, and it was sad to say "ok, after four years working with you, today it is the last day I can teach something new to you". But that is life, and it is really so fast. So we must enjoy every day as it is the last day, because, some day, for sure, it will be the last day.
But I don't want to sound emotional. it is just... when the end of the year is near, it means that we have to evaluate our work.
There is a misconception about evaluation. We think that it is just a way to get a mark. But it is really wrong.
It is true we need a way to test the knowledge of the students and get a mark from that. But we don't have to forget that evaluation must be part of the whole process. So at least, we must evaluate three times a year to know the progress of the students' work. But it is not just them, we must evaluate our work too. So let's consider this:
Do you have a diagnosis test for your students?
Do you plan to have a diagnosis test, at least, two or three times a year?
Do you evaluate values, process, actions, interests... not just knowledge?
Do you use your diagnosis tests to improve the work?
Do your students know their improvement?
Do your have your own diagnosis test to know your own improvement as a teacher?
Did you plan your own evaluation at the beginning of the year?
Does any other teacher evaluate your work?
Is it really important to evaluate your performance? or is it just a mere obligation?

I hope as teachers we consider the previous points. Because it is not just an ending part. Evaluation must be an essential part of our work as a feedback to improve our work

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