Friday, 1 June 2012

I love studying, Why you don't??

I have many doubts about this topic. Because when I think about studying or learning something new, even though I know it will take time and effort, I feel it is interesting. But for some reasons, students don't see the beauty of learning new things. Probably the way they learn is boring and unattractive. For sure. But sometimes I feel that even the least effort is annoying, even  if we know that it is something good for us.
Is it a matter related with the culture? Because as far as we know, in asian countries, and in some european countries, education is not a problem. They could be studying many hours or few hours, but always knowing that is something they have to do it, as part of life.
What I mean to say is, why in some cultures, education, or studying is a symbol of prestige or importance, but in some other countries, education is not appreciated.
It is sad to see that some students don't value their own education, and some of them just give up and quit. Why is like that? why do they lose motivation to continue studying?

I don't want to give real reasons, because I really don't understand, but I feel that there are some reasons that we can't avoid.
I feel that the image they have about schools is the worst. Where the respect is almost zero, and where they don't feel they are appreciated by the way they are, and for that reason there is discrimination, racism, bullying and many other vices we still have in our cultures.
I feel that the role of the family is getting lost. It is easy to see who is the boss in the house, and unfortunately, it is not the father or the mother. The control and motivation for studying is lost.
I feel that schools lack of enough tools to attract the interest of the students. They don't feel schools as a home. Everywhere else is better.
I feel that idleness is stuck in the minds of the young people. Of course not all of them, but the majority of them don't feel working or doing a task for the mere pleasure of doing it.

Something is not right, and the solution is out there. If you have an idea of how to motivate students, and make them love learning and studying, leave a comment, I will appreciate your opinion.

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  1. Studying has always played a huge part in a person's life, and will always be a key component to one's success. I agree with you that some people tend to lose their drive to study and just hope for the best. And that's where teachers and educators come in. If we can engage them into their studies (there are multitudes of ways to do this), then that drive will return. I believe that studying is a two-way street, so we should hold themselves accountable for their student's behavior.

    Daniele Ickes


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